About Us

Welcome to the Redeemed Christian Church of God FOUNTAIN OF LIFE PARISH in Riverdale, Georgia.

Pastor Olawale Adeleye is the Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Fountain of Life Parish in Riverdale, Georgia. It is a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God; the fastest-growing Pentecostal church, with worldwide membership of about 8 million.

Since the beginning of the church, we have experienced the hands of God in many ways, such as turning the heart of people to God through the preaching of God’s word. Souls were saved, backsliders restored, marriages that were on the verge of collapse were restored. We have outreach programs that minister to the needy (Food bank, Healing, Deliverance, Bible-based Counselling e.t.c).

Pastor (Mrs.) Eunice Adeleye oversees the children and choir department of the church. These departments have been partly instrumental to our speedy growth. People are blessed by the choir’s ministrations every time there is a service, and the children encourage their parents to take them to church, because of the special programs designed for them; it is awesome. Between 2001 and the present, so many new members have been added to the church.

Pastor Olawale Adeleye holds a Master’s degree (MSA) in Leadership from Central Michigan University. Married to Pastor (Mrs.) Eunice Abiola Adeleye, Pastor Adeleye’s marriage is blessed with four children.