Our Evangelism ministry plays a vital role in the church. We get focused in sharing the message of the Gospel and reaching out to others with the hope of salvation. The purpose of our evangelism is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, helping them develop a personal relationship with Him.

In our evangelism ministry, our church members engage in various activities such as street evangelism, door-to-door outreach, organizing evangelistic events, or participating in mission trips. Our goal is to communicate the love of Christ and the transformative power of His grace to those who have not yet heard or accepted the Gospel.

Our evangelism ministries is all about both words and deeds. While we understand that verbal proclamation is crucial, We also believe that demonstrating Christ’s love through acts of service and compassion can also be a powerful witness.
We try to meet people’s practical needs and showing genuine care,

We build bridges of trust and create opportunities for spiritual conversations through all our evangelism efforts.

Through this ministry, we train and equip our church members to be effective in evangelism.
We Provide resources, teaching on effective communication, and fostering a supportive environment for growth and learning to empower individuals to confidently share their faith.

We approach evangelism with humility, respect for different perspectives, and a willingness to listen.

Ultimately, our goal in the evangelism ministry is to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. By reaching out to the lost, We fulfill this mission of making disciples and bringing hope to a world in need.